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Epic Pools is Jacksonville, Florida’s premier swimming pool maintenance company. We specialize in professional swimming pool and spa cleaning, service, repairs, and remodeling. Our technicians have more than 15 years of experience providing your neighbors with high-quality pool and spa maintenance and services at affordable prices.

Are you a new pool owner trying to get the hang of pool upkeep? Or, are you just tired of guessing how much, or which chemicals to use? There’s no need for you and your family to spend the summer with sore eyes and skin, or to deal with unsightly algae growth, due to the improper use of chemicals.

Whether you live in Duval, St. Johns or Clay County, we can take all the guesswork out of keeping your pool safe, so you and your loved ones can enjoy swimming with confidence. Our expertise will also save you money. Professional maintenance ensures that your pool remains stabilized, and minimizes the need for constant shock treatments, which can be costly, or even draining your pool. Epic professionals will proactively troubleshoot potential issues with your pool, pump or filter, and educate you about the latest available cost-efficient technologies for sanitizing your pool, which can help you save hundreds of dollars!

If you’re interested in adding a pool to your home, or remodeling your current pool, our team of pool remodeling professionals can assess your needs, and provide you with an estimate that will let you enjoy the pool of your dreams, at a cost that will meet with your complete satisfaction.


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